Offnere Street Underpass construction 1927

Courtesy Peggy Ann Pollitt 

Offner street underpass 1927

Peggy Ann Pollitt

The underpass on Offnere St. in Portsmouth, Ohio - streetcar tracks running under railroad tracks.

Offnere St. underpass during construction 1927

Courtesy Peggy Ann Pollitt 

Looking north toward 11th Street. Notice wires for streetcar line going under the bridge. The brackets that held those wires are still visable today.

Levi Dee York was President of the Portsmouth Street Railroad and Light Company

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Removal of street car tracks May 1942

Portsmouth trolly looking toward the hills about 1910

Chillicothe street with trolley headed north past the Tower Post Office

Portsmouth shortly after 1937 flood Chillicothe street. Note the traction tracks had still not been removed as of 1937.

Street car coming south on Chillicothe street

Portsmouth Trolley turn around about 1894 or 5

Looking north from 4th street on Chillicothe street as street car is headed south

Note the traction tracks on Chillicothe Street

Street Car going by The Tremper Shoe Co. at the corner of Second and Jefferson Streets about 1898

Portsmouth Second Street showing traction tracks

Note on the right the blur of the trolley going past the construction 30 August 1927

photo from Ann Pollitt collection

Offnere Street Underpass 8 July 1927

photo from Ann Pollitt collection

Chillicothe Street looking north from just below Third Street about 1924. Note the traction tracks and street car.

Street car coming out of third street on to Chillicothe Street

About 1910 Chillicothe St., looking North with street car coming down the tracks

Note another temporary relocation of the traction tracks during construction in 1927

photo from Ann Pollitt collection

Looking southbound from 11th Street 13 August 1927. Note the temporary reroute of the trolley tracks.

photo from Ann Pollitt collection

Curved-side Trolley Car

1906 View of Rail Road & interurban Tracks in Scioto County
Note the interurban tracks from Portsmouth to Ironton on the far left

Getting off the trolley at Millbrook Park probably to go watch a baseball game

The 4 original streetcars had a seating capacity of 24 each.

Millbrook Park Trolley Station

Getting off the trolley at Millbrook Park trolley station

Portsmouth, OH Street Car Wreck, May 1895

Street Car Smashes a Buggy. Sunday afternoon about six o'clock a street car in charge of Moterman[sic] Haupt collided with a carriage at the corner of Eighth and Chillicothe streets but beyond a smashed double tree no damage was done. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fezzle the occupants of the carriage were dumped out but not injured. Mr. Fezzel drove out Eighth street onto Chillicothe street directly in front of the car, not seeing it. The street car men were not to blame. Portsmouth Daily Times, Portsmouth, OH 13 May 1895

found by Linda Horton

Portsmouth 1876 trolley taken at southwest corner of 10th and Offnere

1893-1923 - Portsmouth Street Railroad & Light Co.
1923-1926 - Portsmouth Public Service Co.
1926-1929 - Portsmouth Public Service Co. (American Gas & Electric Co.)
1929-1932 - Portsmouth Public Service Co. (Central Public Service Co.)
1932-1939 - Portsmouth Public Service Co. (Central Public Utility Corp.)
1939 - sold to National City Lines/streetcars discontinued

Interurban line:
Portsmouth-Sciotoville (completed 1893)
Abandoned 1929

Asks for Damages. - Henry Scherer of Hanging Rock today filed a suit for $200 damage against the Ohio Valley Electric Ry.Co.for damages to his property caused by the building of the traction line from Ironton to Portsmouth.A. J. Layne, attorney.

Ohio Valley Interurban Station

Portsmouth, Ohio Street Railway & Light Co.