Lyric Theatre

There were two houses in Portsmouth called the Lyric Theatre. The first one was a building with an arched entrance, and was located in the 400 block of Chilicothe Street.  The newer Lyric Theatre, at 820 Gallia Street,  opened on September 3, 1925, as Law’s Hollywood Theatre, and was designed by the local architectural firm DeVoss & Donaldson. The Hollywood Theatre is advertised in The Portsmouth Daily Times through 1926, and is mentioned in January, 1927, but the September 8, 1927, issue of the paper has a reference to the Lyric Theatre Building on Gallia Square. As the Hollywood/Lyric was on Gallia Square and the original Lyric was not, the name of the theater must have changed in 1927. In 1928, the Schine circuit took over operation of the Lyric Theatre, along with the LaRoy and Columbia Theatres. I haven’t discovered when Warner Bros. took over the house.

information by Guy Cooper

Play House

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The Majestic Theatre

Portsmouth the Play House. Also Hibbs Hardware and the Elks in the background. 1920's.

Garden Theatre built 1935 at 718 Chillicothe Street

Laws Holly Wood Theatre

The 1400 seat LaRoy was built for live performances with an orchestra pit and three floors of dressing rooms.

The January 12, 1926 Portsmouth Times reported on the grand opening of the LaRoy: "Milton Berle monologist, singer and dancer, scored a big hit as he is a show in himself."

February 26, 1933 Bandit took $300 from cashier at LaRoy theater in daring holdup during business hours.

Portsmouth Times

Lyric Theatre and Jim Danty Shoppe in the 800 block of Gallia Street across the street from the esplanade where the bank drive through is.

The Eastland built 1924 at 1804 11th Street

Lyric Theatre built 1917 at 400 block of Chillicothe Street where the south half of the National Bank building is.

Columbia Theatre built 1910 at 632 Gallia Street

Portsmouth Orpheum Theatre, Kendal Hall Portsmouth Eastland

Columbia Theatre built 1910 at 632 Gallia Street

Portsmouth Grand Opera House and Hotel built in 1895. Gutted by fire in 1914 and never reopened. In 1916 the building was rebuilt and remodeled and was occupied by S. S. Kresge's 5 & 10. It is now occupied by the Diamond Gem Pawn Shop

Portsmouth Orpheum Theatre built 1908 at 614 Chillicothe Street

Portsmouth, OH former Theatres
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