Eleventh Street School Eleventh Street @ John Street Built: Demolished: July 1955

Portsmouth High School

Holy Redeemer School

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Holy Redeemer School

Portsmouth High School early 1900s known as Henry Massie School Built: 1917 Closed: 1958
In 1960 Portsmouth City Council purchased Massie School from the city school district (later named Griffin Hall). About 1961 or 3 it became the first free standing building of Shawnee State University. The building was located on second street between the bridge and the city building. It was torn down 2005. 

McKinley School 1936

New Lincoln School 1917 at 1121Kinney's Lane with over 500 students

Built: 1914, 1922, 1957 Closed: 2000 Demolished: August 27, 2003
Lincoln School on Kinney's Lane around 1920's

Lincoln School on Kinney's Lane now the site of the SOMC Cancer Center

Lincoln Elementary Class 6B, 1932

Roosevelt 4th Grade 1932

Wilson Elementary School built in 1927  First Portsmouth elementary to have a Gym.

Garfield School, 2619 Gallia Street Built: 1914, 1919, 1957 Closed: 1975 Sold: 1976
Union Street School located NW corner of 4th and Union Streets
A fire 8 Jan 1929 caused a $135,000 loss to this 16 room school.  The fire was discovered at 2:30 a.m. with temperatures at 5 above zero.  Two fireman narrowly escaped death by a falling roof and steeple.

Union Street School in early c 1910 located NW corner of 4th and Union Streets. It was replaced by the U. S. Grant School also now gone

Glenwood school 6th grade 1930

Portsmouth Bond Street school 1930-1931
Portsmouth Bond Street school class in 1932

Portsmouth Bond Street School 1936 first grade

Bond Street School about 1910
Campbell Avenue School
Campbell Avenue school about 1910
Campbell Avenue School had 8 rooms and was built in 1900 with a four-room addition in 1909. A portable school was later added on the grounds. It was replaced by Woodrow Wilson School in 1927. 
 Old Highland School Interior view of Third Grade Class - Nellie Niswonger, teacher 1905
Offner Street School About 1900 located on east side of Offner at 12th Street
 Built: 1891, 1899-1900 Closed: 1938 Sold: 1943 Demolished: 1944
Looking to left Offner Street School during the 1913 flood
2nd Street School at 2nd and Chillicothe Streets Built: 1850 Demolished 1917

Highland Elementary School, the original part built in 1902 on Hutchins street facing Mound Park.  The south half was added in 1907.  In January 1955, a new building was started behind the old one. The students moved in April 1956 and the old school was torn down in June of that year.

Portsmouth Highland Elementary School about 1910

Fourth Street School Fourth Street @ Court Street Built: 1872 Demolished: 1930
1898 picture courtesy of Sherry Staten

The Davis High School c 1910

Portsmouth High School at 6th and Findlay in 1870
Portsmouth High School #1 Gallia Street @ Findlay Street Built: 1871 Purchased: 1897 Demolished: 1910 Picture 1898courtesy of Sherry Staten
About 1906 Portsmouth Davis High School

    Portsmouth was incorporated as a town March 1, 1815 and very early wise provision was made for education. Henry Massie donated for school purposes lots number 130, 143, and 39. On the first two lots in 1898 the Second street school was standing. In 1829 the first free school was taught by George R. Kelley, in a building near the corner of Third and Washington streets, continuing for a period of three months.

     As a provision of the Town Charter amended in 1838 the control of schools was vested in the town counsel. That year the school properties were valued, exclusive of property at $500, and the youth enumerated, 547. That year a contract was made with Ratcliff & Shultz to erect a public school on Fourth Street at a cost of $5,450. It was three stories in height, and had six rooms, capable of accommodating 800 scholars.

     In 1872 the first superintendent was elected, being Prof. John Bolton. Following his term of office he was followed by: J. F. Lukens, M. S. Campbell, William M. Friesner, J. A. I. Lowes, E. S. Cox, and Dr. Thomas Vickers.

     Prior to the first free school in the city a teacher by the name of Chockson Smith, opened a pay school in a log house on Second street, at a yearly rental of $25.00. The seats were benches made from slabs, with riven logs, and without backs. The desks were made from pine boards leaning against the wall, at which the students took lessons in writing and which were used to store dinner baskets, hats, and kindling wood.

     In 1836 a Select Female Seminary was organized, and building known as The Seminary, was erected on a lot donated by the city at the corner of Fifth and Court Streets

Former Portsmouth Area School pictures and information

Scioto Trail School (now Lutes Plumbing is on this site)

Holly Redeemer School

Portsmouth High School

1910 Booker T. Washington School

Portsmouth Lincoln School Class 6A  1939

Portsmouth High School auditorium
Portsmouth Grant Gym 1932
1225 Fourth Street Built: 1929-1930 Demolished: 2004

Portsmouth High School during 1937 flood

Wheeler Academy at Fourth and Marker Streets 1819

Union Street School c 1920

Scudder school 1937

Portsmouth Bond Street School looking south

Old Red School House was located in Earlytown just east of 8th & Harmon streets

Booker T. Washington School 1114 Eleventh Street Built: 1927 Closed: 1965 now used as low income housing by the Portsmouth Housing Authority

Henry Massie School

Henry Massie School

McKinley School 1729 Kinney’s Lane Built: 1917, 1957 Closed: 2006 Demolished: 2007
Roosevelt School 1409 Coles Boulevard Built: 1930, 1956 Closed: 2006 Demolished: 2007

George D. Scudder school

photo 1995 by Karen Sue Wikoff

Portsmouth High School #1 Gallia Street @ Findlay Street
Bond Street school at Forth Street Built: 1906 Closed: 1939 Demolished: 1948
  U.S. Grant School 1225 Fourth Street Built: 1929-1930 Demolished: 2004

Wheeler Academy at Fourth and Marker Streets 1819

photo via Karen Sue Wikoff

George D. Scudder school 411 Court Street  Built: 1930, 1956 Closed: 1973

Scudder school 1932