Just a point of interest.  My parents, Gerald and Georgia Haislet were the last to manage the Lee Hotel before it was sold to the city in 1969.  Dad leased the hotel part of the building in 1959. 
Daniel Haislet

Shawnee Forest Hotel US Rt. 52 1 mile west of Portsmouth

Quality Courts Motel 6 mile west of Portsmouth on US Rt. 52

Twin Motel on the Scioto Trail

Charles Dickens stayed over night at the National City Hotel in Portsmouth in 1854 having come down the O & E canal from Newark on his way to Cincinnati.

Lee Hotel during 1937 flood

via Donna Beaumont

Shawnee Motel

Buckeye Inn Motel US Rt. 52 & State Rt. 125 Portsmouth

SamKegley reports that his dad's cousin, Hubert Kegley had a grocery store, gasoline station. and a few cabins across from Turkey Creek north on 125 off west 52 from Portsmouth. 

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1600 Kendall Ave. Eet Mar Motel now called Royal

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Purdy Motel

The Hotel St. Louis, located at 734 Third Street, was originally constructed as a Welsh church around 1900. By 1906, it had been converted to an economical 25-room hotel, one of several developing in the city at that time. Sold and renamed the Turner Hotel in 1915, it became the Kendrick Hotel in 1939. By 1964, it had changed names again, to the Uptown Hotel. It was known under this name until the 1970s.

The Portsmouth Motel 1950's on Rt. 52 six miles west of Portsmouth

Trail Motel on US 23 about 3/4 mile north of Portsmouth

The Hotel Norfolk was located at the southeast corner of Tenth and Waller Streets and at that  time was across from the old N & W depot. The last use was as an apartment building and was recently torn down. The hotel was built around 1887 and was known as the Junction Hotel. In 1906 the name was changed to the Eureke Hotel by the new owners. In 1908 was renamed the Hotel Norfolk but that name didn’t last long because with a new owner in 1912, by a man named Harre, the name was changed to the Harre House. 

Hotel was located on the southwest corner of 2nd & Gay Streets. Originally named the Grimes Hotel, it became the YWCA from 1913 to 1921. After 1921, it was converted into apartments and known as Grimes Apartments for many years. Building was torn down about 1965 during an urban renewal project that later became part of the SSU Campus.

La Salle Hotel, 401 Chillicothe Street, now occupied by Desco Federal Credit Union

Hurth Hotel, Portsmouth , Ohio 1930-50s

Jimmy Wood's Grocery, site of Hurth Hotel

Hurth Hotel corner of Third & Chillicothe Streets about 1938.  Notice sign on top of the Hotel.

Built in 1923, The Hurth Hotel was named for and owned by Adolph Hurth. Architect was C.C. Taylor.

Washington Hotel during 1937 flood

Washington Hotel about 1912

Portsmouth Washington Hotel interior around 1900

Hotel Portsmouth on West Front street

Washington Hotel, Portsmouth, Ohio
At the time this picture was taken the population of Portsmouth was 50,000.

Washington Hotel about 1905

Hotel Portsmouth on West Front street about 1909

Hotel Portsmouth on West Front street about 1909

Portsmouth, Ohio Hotels of the past

Portsmouth Central House Hotel was located where the Montgomery Ward building (Now 5th 3rd Bank) on the esplanade. Notice the Methodist church behind the hotel. The Masonic building now occupies that location.

Biggs House Front & Market Streets

Biggs House Front & Market Streets

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