Hurth Hotel corner of Third & Chillicothe Streets about1938. Built in 1923, The Hurth Hotel was named for and owned by Adolph Hurth. Architect was C.C. Taylor. Note sign at top of building.

Chillicothe Street showing trolley rails and note Hotel Hurth on the right

 view of Martings & Company

Inside Portsmouth S S Kresge Store #150 in1950s.  The store was closed in 1985.

 4th and Chillicothe Streets early 1920s  S. S. Kresge's

Portsmouth S. S. Kresge Company

Dentist was located on the second floor. The Zoellner store was originally located on Second street where the first Zoellner clock was erected in 1867.
Chillicothe street looking south about 1910 note Marting & Brothers Co.

Portsmouth Chillicothe street, 1908

Masonic Temple in the 1880's

Masonic Temple c 1900

In 1925, was destroyed by fire with damages estimated at $1 million

Looking south the Portsmouth Post Office and First National Bank after 1923

The Tower Post Office about 1916

Birds eye view about 1909 looking north up Chillicothe street from the former Masonic Temple.

 The Masonic Temple, in 1925, was destroyed by fire with damages estimated at $1 million.

Post Office and Sixth St. Methodist Church

Chillicothe street looking North about 1924

 Former 6th street Methodist, Elk Club about 1921  and now the site of the Masonic Temple

Chillicothe Street looking north from 2nd about 1880

Chillicothe Street looking north about 1907

Chillicothe Street looking North from 4th street

Decorating the post office for a parade

 1905 Post Office

Chillicothe street looking south 1910

 Park Hospital was across from Tracy Park and opened in 1902 by Dr. Stephen Simpson Halderman and SS Rardin. The address was 44 East 9th. Note the street car going by. 

Chillicothe at Second street looking north 1895

Chillicothe Street looking south

Chillicothe Street looking north 1899

Chillicothe street from 4th street

Chillicothe street looking north from Second street about 1910

Chillicothe street looking north about 1907 

Portsmouth Tracy Park c 1900

Portsmouth Tracy Park c 1900

Portsmouth Tracy Park 1908

Portsmouth Tracy park c 1905

Chillicothe Street, Portsmouth, Ohio

Portsmouth Tracy park c 1905

Chillicothe Street  looking north

Chillicothe Street in the 1940s

Grand Hotel, 7th and Chillicothe Street. Portsmouth, Ohio. In the 40s was caled Reed Hotel. Later became the Lee Hotel owned by the Milner Chain and was popular with business men in the 50s and 60s.  North of it was the Garden Theater. Kroger now occupies this site.
This picture was taken about 1963 showing 2nd and Chillicothe Street before urban renewal began. Smith Drug Store, the former Ramada Inn (Holiday Inn Now) and there parking facilities replaced those buildings.

 crossing US Grant Bridge into Portsmouth 1954

First National Bank, Portsmouth, Ohio about 1918

Notice only half of it was built at this time to see if it would be successful and the other half was built in the 20's

Hurth Hotel, Portsmouth, Ohio 1930-50s

4th and Chillicothe Streets, Gutted by fire in 1914 and never reopened. In 1916 the building was rebuilt and remodeled and was occupied by S. S. Kresge's 5 & 10.

Chillicothe street showing Street car. Note Zoellner clock on the corner

Childrens Day Parade c 1908


 Chillicothe street looking north from 6th

Chillicothe street, 1908

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Portsmouth Kobackers late 1950s

Chillicothe Street in the 1950's looking south